Mixed gas dive computer with compartimental decompression model: air dive, nitrox dive, trimix dive, CCR dive, SCR dive. Distribution for Cochran Undersea Technology dive computers
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COCHRAN Consolle boot for Commander

73,20 VAT included

Consolle boot  for Commander

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COCHRAN Lens protector

10,16 VAT included

Lens protector for Commander and Gemini and Nemesis units. Made by 3M.

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COCHRAN Wrist strap

48,80 VAT included

Spare wrist strap for Commander, Nemesis and Gemini units.

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Dive Computer COCHRAN EMC-20H

Category: COCHRAN EMC-20H

1.200,00 VAT included

Mixed gas diving computer from Cochran


Retractor for GEMINI

91,50 VAT included

Retractor for GEMINI

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Service for GEMINI, EMC 16, EMC 20H

Category: SERVICE

100,83 VAT included

Annual service for COCHRAN dive computers EMC-16, EMC-20H, GEMINI EMC16

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