MK II Oxygen Rebreather


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MK II Oxygen Rebreather

Inside the MK II the gas follows a unidirectional circular flow so that expiration always happens on the left and inspiration on the right.

Utilizing this circulation system allows for the complete filtering of the expired gas by restricting its flow just to the filter.

The apparatus contains a main lung sac, a soda lime filter, a blocking flange, a 3-way valve with corrugated tubes, a unidirectional valve, a 2L oxygen tank with a manual feed valve and a high pressure gauge, all contained in a Kevlar-based material.

This small, closed circuit, recycling oxygen rebreather has the following characteristics:


  • – 4 hours of autonomy with a 2L tank
  • – Air sac with 9.5L capacity
  • – Polyurethane lung sac
  • – Tank capacity of 2L/200atm
  • – Dimensions are 400mm X 400mm X 110mm
  • – 1.5 kg soda lime filter
  • – Total weight 6Kg.
CE Conformity:
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