GRAVITY ZERO fully complies to the Italian privacy law n. 675/96 - a set of regulations concerning consumer privacy and use of personal data.The information that we request when you fill-in an order are used exclusively to fulfill the order, manage the payment and ship the goods. Your personal information are collected by means of electronic media and processed both manually and via computerised systems.

In accordance with the Italian privacy law, the responsibilty to handle the data is held by GRAVITY ZERO, who guarantees that all the personal information collected will not be communicated to third parties, with the sole exception of people and/or companies in charge of delivering goods and managing payments.When you register to GRAVITY ZERO we collect your e-mail address. The registration is free and does not imply any obligation either for you or for us. Your e-mail address may be used by GRAVITY ZERO to send you news and promotional information about products and services.

If you do not want to receive them please send an e-mail to: with subject NOMAILwill not be shared with third parties.