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Advisory note according to Rule UE 2016/679 (ex D.Lgs. 196/2003).

Privacy Policy di www.gravityzero.it

This Application collects some Personal Data from its Users.

Owner and data controller

Dr Fabrizio Pirrello- Via Sbarre Inferiori 171 - 89129 Reggio Calabria (RC) - Italia

E-mail : info@gravityzero.it

Advisory Notice on the processing of personal data

For the attention of: Suppliers and potential Suppliers (physical people)

Dr Fabrizio Pirrello (GRAVITY ZERO) - Via Sbarre Inferiori 171 - 89129 Reggio Calabria (RC) - Italia – in position of data controller, in possession of your personal data, in accordance with and for the effects of Legislatve Decree N° 196 of 30th June 2003 (Code for the Protection of Personal Data), and EU Law N° 679 of 2016 (and of GDPR), the current document informs that the above nominated laws provide protection of the people and of other subjects with respect to the use of personal data and that the information provided shall be treated with respect, lawfulness, transparency and in protection of its privacy and rights.

Your personal data shall be treated in accordance with the legal arrangements if the above decrees and of the foreseen obligations of privacy.

Scope of Data Provided: According to legal and contractual obligations, your personal data is required for the following:

  • Compliance with legal obligations relating to taxes and finances;

  • Post-sales activities;

  • Litigation management;

  • Management of commercial and organizational rapports with the supplier;

  • Programming of activities;

  • Archiving of invoices.

    The treatment of functional data for the fulfilment of these obligations is necessary for a proper management of the business relationship and the provision of this data is obligatory for the above-mentioned ends. Any visitor withholding or providing incorrect obligatory information may make it impossible to guarantee the protection of the data given.

    For the purposes of the treatment of data, the data controller may come accross sensitive or judicial information which may have an impact on the Code of Privacy, such as:

  • E-mail address;

  • Telephone number;

  • Information concerning judicial orders.

    Your sensitive data to be used is strictly that pertinent to obligations, to the tasks and scopes described above and shall be treated according to that indicated in the relative Guarantor General Authorizations.

    Subject to your consent (permission asked at the moment in which your data is given), your personal data could also be used for the following:

  • None
  • Internal statistics (Google Analytics, AWStats)
  • Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram with like or share buttons
  • Cookies (see cookie policy statement)
  • IP for security in transactions

The provision of data is optional regarding the above scopes, and a potential refusal will not compromise the rapport or effect the adequacy of the provision of data; it may only impact the way in which we can best serve our client. This data is functional in the optimization of the administrative and commercial rapport and the potential sending of promotional material. It should be noted that the majority of uses of the data provided does not require consent, as per Legislative Decree N°196 of 2003 and article 7 of the GDPR.

Handling of Personal Data: personal data provided may be used as follows:

  • Entrustment to third parties for elaboration operations or for legal orders;

  • Creation of profiles for internal use, relating to clients, supplier or end users;

  • Processing by means of computers;

  • Manual processing by means of hard copy archiving.

    The processing of all data is carried out according to Chapter II of EU Rule N° 679 of 2016 and articles 11 & 31 and following of Legislative Decree N° 196 of 2003.

    Communication: Your data shall be conserved in Drass and shall be communicated exclusively to the competent personnel for the fulfilment of the necessary services and for the correct management of the business relationship, guaranteeing the rights of those concerned.

    Your details shall be processed individually by personnel directly authorized by the Data Protection Officer. The following people could have access to personal data:

  • Administration Manager & team (for reading, writing, communications);

  • IT Manager & team (for reading, writing, modifying and cancelling of data);

  • Quality Manager & team (for reading, writing, communications);

  • Purchasing Manager & team (for reading, writing, modifying and cancelling of data);

  • Other employees within the limits of the task received and Company procedures.

    Personal data could be passed on to Third Parties, specifically:

  • Shipping agents, Carriers, Postal Services, Logistics agencies;

  • Consultants and freelance professionals, including affiliates;

  • Banks and credit institutes;

  • Institutions which manage normal and commerical delivery services;

  • Other subjects (companies and nominated consultants) who provide auxiliary services between

    yourself and GRAVITY ZERO, strictly in the limits necessary to carry out tasks such as: tax compliance, accounting, mangement of IT systems, financial services, debt collection.

    Circulation: Your personal data will not be circulated in any way.

    Conservation of data: Your personal data shall be kept for the minimum time required by law and by contract. Upon interruption of the contractual rapport between yourself and GRAVITY ZEROyour data shall be conserved for a further 10 years in the Company business management files and/or paper archives. It is possible that the data is conserved after this period, but details shall be anonymous.

You have the right to cancel, communicate, update, modify personal data related to yourself, as well as exercising your rights as per article 7 of the Code of Privacy and Chapter III of the GDPR, Articles 12 to 23, which includes the right to present a claim to the Control Authorities.