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Costruita in gomma vulcanizzata su trama poliestere ad elasticità quadri-direzionale per offrire comfort e durata.

Adatta per commercial diving ed applicazioni militari o rescue.

EPDM di altissima qualità per le massime prestazioni.

Quality Control  EN ISO 9001

CE EN14225-2:2005  approved secondo EEC PPE Directive regarding drysuits.


•    Robusta e durevole
•    Cuciture sigillate con tripla vulcanizzazione
•    Facilmente decontaminabile
•    Ginocchia e cavallo rinforzate
•    Opzionale la scelta del cappuccio: latex o neoprene
•    Contaminated water Neck Yokes su richiesta
•    Dryglove system opzionale
•    Chemical and biological permeation Tests forniti
•    Consegnata in sacca di trasporto


Possibilità di avere la muta stagna in colorazione tutto nero anti-riflesso e con valvole e cerniera stagna in versione amagnetica.

La quotazione va richiesta a parte.

Thor Commercial Rubber Drysuit

The Thor drysuit is built from vulcanised rubber and features vulcanised laminated polymers carried on a multidirectional 4-way-stretch knitted polyester which provides superior strength and durability.

Thor is suitable for commercial diving applications but is also an excellent option for military and rescue purposes as well as sport diving.

Northern Diver only use high grade rubber and EPDM to achieve a superior polymer mix which out-performs the competition.

Thor is built to the usual high-standards that divers expect from Northern Diver drysuits with our Quality Control Management to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 ensuring that all Northern Diver products are of the highest quality and manufacturing standards.

Thor has been thoroughly tested at the Texas Institute. All Thor drysuits are CE approved and conform to the latest EEC PPE Directive regarding drysuits.

Independent tests show that the Thor drysuit is resistant to chemical and biological permeation. Full details available on request.

Thor drysuits can be manufactured to any personal specifications, including reflective overprinting, extra reinforcement or protection and pockets. Our Thor drysuits can also be made from black rubber on request.

Chemical Permeation & Biological Penetration Tests

The majority of divers using Thor drysuits in contaminated water requires information regarding the suit’s protective qualities to be made available. Thor suits underwent permeation testing under worst case scenario conditions – 100% chemical exposure for the entire length of the test.

Although these test conditions are unlikely in any chemical diving environment the results demonstrate the protection offered under most normal circumstances.

Permeation Test Results

The permeation values are based on the time it takes for the chemical to permeate the suit material. The permeation test is performed up to 480 minutes. The reports that indicate greater than 480 minutes means that no chemical was detected above 0.1 mg/ min/ cm2 for 8 hours duration.

Actual Breakthrough vs. Normalized Breakthrough

Actual breakthrough is reported in minutes and occurs when initial breakthrough is detected. Each chemical tested has unique characteristics and minimal detectable limits.

For example: if a chemical has a minimum detectable limit of 0.059 mg/ min/cm2, actual breakthrough is reported when challenge chemical concentrations reach 0.059 mg/ min/ cm2 or greater. Normalized breakthrough occurs when challenge chemical breakthrough concentrations reach 0.1 mg/ min/ cm2 or greater (AaSTMm Ff739).

Maximum and Minimal Detectable Rates

This indicates the maximum level of chemical detection using the permeation test system. Minimal detectable rate is the lowest rate of permeation that is detectable with the permeation system.

Steady State Permeation

The constant rate of permeation that occurs after breakthrough when the chemical contact is continuous and all forces affecting permeation has reached equilibrium.

When Diving in Polluted, Contaminated or Generally Abnormal Environments

Northern Diver’s Thor drysuit has been developed and tested for use in these conditions and as such should be regarded as an integral component of your diving plans. Diving in contaminated environments is potentially extremely dangerous with risks of potential loss of life. All information supplied within this brochure intended purely for informative purposes only. It is not a substitute for proper training and should not be regarded as so. The information in the brochure is not a substitute for applicable regulations or standards and is not published as legal advice or opinion in any way. Thor drysuits have been tested to standard ASTM F 739


After exposure to a contaminated environment, the Thor drysuit must be decontaminated ensuring that all contaminates have been removed from the drysuit. Diving in contaminated environments should not be undertaken by those without the highest level of training. All risks should be understood prior to any contaminated environment diving with all risks carefully planned for and the utmost care taken

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